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To byl čas dlouhý zapomenutý. To byl čas kdy průměrný běloch byl negramotný. To byl čas kdy Evropa trpící největším pádem v jeho historii


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We write year our Lorda 1179, in island off coast Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedda, Walesu. It's island Ynys Enlli, better known as Bardsey. During games halfpennyworth, king Bardsey, mister Gerald Winterwater, is disturbed from Barona Michel duos Lustie. He come to assert princess Geida l'Eau- d'Hiver - ovo arm. King, also hasn't like intrusion in especially important moment in his play, denies this request. On that, Baron duos Lustie carry away princess Geida (after she brought down some of the his knights) and needs ?50 will buy back.

King will send letter into Sir Roamalot Romford ride on search to protected princes, but he be off on crusades to got groin, and forwarding be looking for on to his crony, Lord Avalot d'Argent. It's place, where player enters. You control denarius Avaricius sixth' personality- personality- great -[...] - vnouče, Lord Avalot, in the way of which is taking all of you across England, from Caerdydd into Norwic, meatiness the likes of doctoral duck and Robin Hood with yourself your roads.

Graphic art Lorda Avalot raised notably to those Avaricius. They're yet 16 - barva and quite raw, but far better than one of his ancestor of. Roughness and low quantity colours would may be a little obsolete for its time, but it is deliberate choice manufacturers to kept sensation old adventurous plaies.

Plane glass surface games switched notably also. While previous one didn't have much GUI, this has whole status- bar down, inclusive o'clock, and menu up. It provide you with everything, what do you need.

Next new feature is upper map. If you want to travel for either place to another in England, you can walk around on map England, till then, than did you at point you do you want ride up, then enter it.

For all, who loved Avaricius and wants get on with adventures Avvy generation, and for all lover amusing and provocative adventurous plaies, Lord Avalot be something, what must have.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Thorsoft


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