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Ve hře si hráč může vybrat mezi 6 epizodami. Každá epizoda obsahuje 3 planety a každá planeta 2 úrovně. Na konci epizody se hráč utká s boss


Worms Armagedon Reviews

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Worms Armagedon is arcade with hand - lettered graphic art. Are its worm placed in one’s 2D arena and and cut vermiform his friend.

on selection have plenty weapon (e.g .missile launcher, garnet, eruptive banana, Tommy gun,scattergun, flame - thrower, skunk and so on), but either another things e.g . rope, parachute, bangie jumping aj.). Very witty and lovely is, when vermiform dies, so say him sound "bye bye" and will fire below you charge, or when to displace skunk and that will start vypouštěd its pong, so vermiform will turn green and endearingly cough.

on selection is several fashion, first is single Playerthat the be done yet on deatmatch gamete, me Zion, training and quick gamete against computer. Then be here play against fella on one PC and play after net.

unfortunately, prinášíme only demo.

Year of publication: 1999

Made by: Microprose



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