D-Day - The Beginning of the End
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Den D: Začátek konce, je -založená válečná hra času ve kterém hráč má příležitost k tomu, objevit se vítězný jak buď Allied nebo osa síly


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Adventure begins in nave thief. You surely jump to quay and start inquiry expansive back country. Numerous locations ranging from fortified castle zawn and from copsewood -capped angular point snow. Descriptions, without even graphic designer much- praised on of other sizes, be exceedingly atmospheric; even most objects matter of fact have their personal characteristics. Investigation have any much realist characteristics: how do you wander through fortified castle you can run your fingers occasionally along keies piano or try your knack at potting snooker rolls. While graphic art be but sliding screenshot, text describes all of it, Magneitc Scrolls - ův team writers are very same good.

Treasures be often quite easy to localized but difficult to rallied. A jewel suspension from ceiling zawn prepares drop into warm pool heaving sands; silver cup is inconveniently placed in cage wild bear. Regardless cracksmen quickly wreck! In contradistinction to most text adventurous plaies, do you usually you will have mental picture whole scenes, because of parserovu extreme description.

Riddle be often stiff but at least have had virtue stand to reason. Adventure be wrapped up accessible than infantryman that were occasionally open to load excessive obscurity. In Guild it is sometimes very expliciteness solving which makes problem difficult. While they're claims, they it seems perhaps too hard even for certain seasoning adventurers.

Parser be up to magnetic Scrolls - ův usually high standard: as well as complex sentence it accepts FIND and SEARCH FOR orders to localize objects you perhaps be forgotten or foolish. Fashion TO allot lets you move from one's placing to the other without writing in every way among. Practically this may be quite dangerous how cannot stop order once entered and programme marchs you right in any hindrances (for example closed drawbridge) there you can be in the way.

Globally, if did you into thiefs, really, really hard riddles and text, this is one of the best!

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Rainbird Software


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