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Xixit, sometimes even known how chain reaction, is one of the most inspired Tetris clones soever. In reality it is not not even clone pens - say. It took draft Tetris, but added much handsome and pleasant plait. Play kept original addictive Tetris, but also brought something new and green with it.

How can you introduce as an introduction, play is all about blocks start cathode - raytube. Again, you can navigate is and reduce to be quick and you need to disposed is in definite order, so you can clean lines they build at the bottom screens. The more lines you disappear, more points, that you obtain and longer play last. As soon as cathode - raytube be as replete up that the other block cannot start down fall, play ends.

Till now, so Tetris, perhapsthat the would could say. It's true, but unlike Tetris, where did you needed, to disposed blocks according to their form, you will not won't you need to worry about by already no. No, your main care will colours blocks. Every block has three parts and every part can have another colour. You need to got at least three parts same colours conformable (either plumb, flatlings or diagonal) to she could have clean line. Above - mentioned blocks then start down fall.

It's, as it were, lady of colour version Tetris.

I think there's no need say thenthat the this play has coloured graphic art, but then again, in the year 1995 it was very atypical to had computer which no - didn't support 256 colour VGA graphic designer.

Strains are run of the mill, but they will not will unincorporated going on your nerves, so you may not go out loud - speakers, yet perhapsthat the would could prefer deploy some favourite song your and turn play proclaims. Don't you won't you need to be at all events; they be but addition (and will do somewhat stand-by cost using sound cards).

So if you like Tetris style games and he would like felt something merry entertainment and quite original (even when high familiar) I would say Xixit be but thing to you. Highly recommended!

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Optik Software


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