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Donkey Kong, to je hra minulých generací, hra, která si získala přízeň široké veřejnosti již na počátku 80. let a brzy po uvedení na trh se


Weird Dreams Reviews

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Title says all of it, do this no?

You awake in your pyjamas inside sugar absorbent cotton wool machinery - when was last it happened to you? To escape, you must handle pole rod, whereupon you appear at quite. But watch: Somewhere outside, there's a giant bee after you. Nevertheless, this bee isn't nothing to biggest swine I ever seen - girl with knife. How I'm hated it little brat... Was like to see she get served to soccer ball. If this is not peculiar enough to to you, I I don't know what's! A I wish satisfied your need for bizarrerie, you'll also encountering some living godemiche statuary (which you must beat with fish) active about deserts...

So play apposite his title, but will you like it? I'm did. It merits 4 to my mind.

Part I like most is atmospheric music which really lets you feel that candy - floss. Not to mention as though none of immovable thing kill you - did you without consequence gunshy as though your cardial rate walks uncontrollable - and you die. You will revived on operating table couple of time, but one your doctors hoax lazy, you be away for good. Then you have to resume from the beginning. Have a good time in the marketplace!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Best Ever Games Company


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