Centurion - Defender of Rome
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To je 400 roky po zakládání, a mladé římské centurio je tábořil s jeho legií na březích na Tiberovi. Oni čekají na objednávky...



Waterslide Island Reviews

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Waterslide Island is arcade with somewhat unconventional subject - riding on tobogánu! O her rise deserved only one advance designer Jeff Boller, which unfortunately also printed on technical processing.

graphic art them to a its time rather substandard, however playability and pleasant summer atmosphere is on that much better.

like main characterthat the control (walks say about about movements into-as regards, lying position and setting position) you can choose one of a number of offered Noah's ark.

gradual you unlock next and next lion and play unfortunately after several wheels smell of boring stereotype.

nevertheless her optimism and nicely coloured appearance me delivered good moods so would she globally appraised rather outstandingly.

installation requires definite ' of registration ' data. Enter name freeware , password freeware32ke9KF8716311241633

Year of publication: 2000

Made by: Jeff Boller


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