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Yes Prime Minister


I'm quite sure you be acquainted with inspired English political squib called yes Head of Government. Well now's your chance to be Jim Hacker it very same Head of Government in charge (if really you thinkthat the PM be in charge) that very same study!

With it technicality out of the way I can in the end start Telling you about play alone. It's political intrigue top - level. You will leader of the whole country. Off course you are not A dictator, so your action are not boundless, but there be fairly much you be able to do.

All Decisionthat the you make a will will made in practice dialogue with next person giving you suggestions and you selection from them. Every reply to will have another result. Sometimes you will be able shudder your way out if you do wrong decision, but sometimes you will not.

To help you a little there's a alert in drawer telling: Diplomacy be about survive to the end century, policy be about survive until next week.

It be wrapped up truth! There's a popularity counter in your office (it be past English union) it start off by 50% popularity. You will be able to see it either lifts or fall, depending on your election.

There are some things, which will be newsmaker according to the plan ( planned get - togethers), but some randomly things they may become also.

So it's up to you control situation best your skills and hopefully become popular and successful enough to, to stayed at the office.

Strains be exceedingly basic and only used hereto, to delineavit your attention arrangement in your office. If phone rings it will start glimmer and you will hear noise. It be too skilful because cannot see whole office all of a sudden, so always would they would have to stroll around see , if are nazvanínebo getting fax.

Graphic art in play are also much basic. There's a picture your offices, there are little ones pictures people you do you speak too and there are another insignia on official paper, but on top it, graphic art is neither needed (you can experience play only as set menu if you change as though DOSBOX border - machine=hercules).

Yet play come in handy to merry making for all who loves political intrigue or are simply fans be subdivided into several lots (you can even play to fun on Sir Humphreyovi - and I am certainthat the this is the only play which allows you to do that ;)

now first I need warn against you that to are could play to this play you will need DOSBOX and you will need to change it is setting a little!

In DOSBOX.consult setthat the you need to change following line: machine=vga into machinery=tandem. Failing that you will not be able to see any menu in play, not even read no news (CGA mode allows you to see all that, but picture be as barren of you with difficulty be able to make out letters).

: 1988

: Oxford Digital Enterprises Ltd.


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