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Whirl is space strategic/ play diplomacy made level A simple system in the year 1992 and take place in distant parts galaxy on planet Harmony. Long ago massive interplanetary war burst into galaxy, and owing to of what much planets were to be involved and technology of all planets become almost primitive. War come in to a close when uncanny power almost wrecked all galaxy; over time small and failing that unimportant planet known as Zokbar J slowly come to power occupation planets which be abandoned vulnerable war, and was whisper to was beneficiary of those unknown can. In the end, people Zokbar J formed cooperative, group determined to handled galaxy. They fight out several planets and raised their much; nevertheless, they demanded Fitzhonium drive their flotilla. Fitzholnium, more commonly referred to as Fitz, is crystal mineral that is of by head and shoulders explosive, yet has lump practical and military- related using. Fitz isn't found on every planet, so there be high demand after that.

Did you were mate in cooperative whose conscience turned you against his cruel policy colonization. When did you be sent to infiltrate planet Harmony - - and planet whose surface is cast over Fitzem, will do so almost impossible to assaulted, yet high interest to cooperative in his search to handled Fitza obchod - - find way for cooperative toinvadebezpečně, did you make up one's mind backfire on cooperative. Did you offered your services to people Harmony, who agreed with itthat the will you allow you to rule over planet temporarily into bluster cooperative be out. Given to Harmonyův poverty of military expertise and knowledge cooperative, Harmonians feltthat the they didn't have what lose so approved with itthat the believe you.

How overlord Harmony, did you bestowed panoply dictatorial much. ; the point is to upheld Harmony prosper and defend themselves against cooperative. Also, how head governments, you personally be involved in diplomacy with others planets in galaxy; divers are friendly, et al. are friendly. Most games includes you overseeing typical everyday office on Harmony, but from time to time matters they may occur in by other parts galaxy which warrant your attention. These may be ranging from friendly planets demand military steel reinforcements investigative incidents on of other planets. Depend on how you make up one's mind control these situation carry out not only your romance with next planets, but result games also. You be liable for five by other detachment: government, military, SIN (Secret intelligence agency), inquire into, and Fitz mining industry. To be able to hold is run effectively, you must personnel every detachment, assigned task and goalsetting, and determine budget every detachment she'll get.

Every detachment, that you keep an eye on requires able man and wife, that runs particular projects to you. Through galaxy, there are man of brains with educationally and/or experience in their field search for employment, and will you pay to you for position in your planet; talks be taken care of to you, but dictum on which be hired and who isn't left by until your making decisions based on information on every person to a given owing to his or her talk. If you hire to someone, you can assign him or her to work and offer workers personnel which work. Every detachment works failing that; for example, agents SIN can be associated missions intelligence, while military officer must be placed in particular positions in your crafts. Every few days, new aspirants will added to list potential candidates, so you can check from time to time back to expand your personnel or interchange some /every /no employee slew or dismissed.

One aspect propagate which adjusts it except of other plaies is how research is mature. Like next detachment, you must hire research worker to led scholastik office, set sectional budget, and assign workers to worked with them. Nevertheless, only thereforethat the think tank plying new project does always lack you will reap quittances in course of time; depending on research worker, his ability how research worker and his affinity (or poverty of that) afield he is investigation, number workers ascribed him, and budget detachment will influence success their project. If you follow procedure research, you may see per cent completed downward tendency notably or even reset zero to meant problems team may have had with it project. Alike, per cent can also uprise notably or even go to the finish to meant break - through. Your research worker will not be work for ever on project, and if they sees as though they will never be set to end their up-to-date subject stops investigation that and warn you.

To could fund project and pay wages, you must find way to make money. Most practical way to make money be by trigger squeeze Fitzových down. To be able to pull out Fitza, you must first canvas landscapes on Harmony. If explorers find fit deposit Fitza, you can then send miners guidee leader to withdrew Fitzathat the automatically be sold for you.

Whirl runs real time, so if you need quit PCs ., you should take exception to play; much can become during fast ways to ordure. You should also think quickly at hire workers or build ship because time won't wait up to you, and you cannot do anything while play is take exception to. Did you, fortunately, allowed to take exception to battles.

Although graphic art games generally isn't important, graphic art propagate do they really good given to age games. From time to time, you get opportunity hereto, trace continuity which bear matters you instead of simply read about them. These continuity be right trade and will heighten play, but long way be superior to next graphic art in play, as are pictures individuals, that you encounter. Much from continuity it seemsthat the will draw on of other scientific- sources fiction (see if you can notice Hvězdných rolling pin shuttle from "return Jedia"). Music in opening continuity attract air, but unfortunately, there be too little music when you play game. Strains be limited to bluebell games which mean declarative news.

Some word alert: no believe to anybody. If quote looks too well, than - that it be true, probably it is not. mission intelligence suggested by other planets and alert about new technologies accessible on intergalactic market are generally legal assignment, but you never know when somebody he's going to stab you in back.

Whirl will demand printing - down- safety code from time to time, and I'll crash Dosbox if ones isn't equipped. Codes can be found in handbook propagate, that is in alone reliable source play information desk. Video continuity they may crash Dosbox, and these occurrences are not atypical. You you can bend out crashing propagate those way by selection to sprung videos.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: PAS Systems


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