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Millennium 2200 je otočení založená po-apokalyptické hře sadě v sluneční soustavě. Lidi Země byla vyčerpaní v srážce meteoru, a jen hrst


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Have you ever take a view of your television magazine and thought ' no! Now Shall I 45 station to recieve and any only showroom nonsense !think, all of us shall we. Next time, when you get this thought, here’s option to you: build your own TV- program!

Mad with TV is one of hardest, but also funniest business management malingering have ever seen I'm. Did you Archie, twit and TV waste, jog on love for your life before your TELEVIZOREM. Problem is that the girl is on the other side screens. Ack-ack gun so deeply in love with those fair - haired women named Bettythat the he cannot sulk to leapt to its autos and hustles, to design for marry her. Betty is star ugliest television station soever, mad with TV. Precisely you arrive at the station, somebody is and in smoke, and en route to her officesthat the you run against some much overstretched manager seeking new programme director. It's your chance to board into contact with Betty! A in the end get a new job...

What sounds like somewhat simple story, be in fact backcloth really stiff malingering TV business. ; the point is to hove your viewing statistics definitely. This is the only way to earn some money and be able to buy all to these expensive aptitude for Betty to she could have outtake your rival. At the beginning games, you get small credit your boss inthat the enable you to buy couple of news and programmes. Your only receipt results from advertisings.

Centre your activities is, how in most store malingering, your office. Here you will find your computer, that is of most important arrangement in all of play, how VIEWS are managed from here. You can plan 2 days in advance, every day from 18 from o'clock midnight. Scheduling themselves rather be easy to. Every hour begins news, followed by some programme and in the end advertisement. Nevertheless, performance hereof span time with attractive content isn't as easy.

To be able to ready some content, you have to visit several seats everything over the building. First, there's a press agencythat the be situated beside your offices. There are three sorts news: political, show - business and various. Every type has other supplier, that can be undersigned (for some money of course). News ourselves costs money also. They may be choice, then news are produced. To get some programme, you have you got various election at hand. Most important is filming agency, where all types of films can be bought. Next is to produced shows, TV-SERIES etc . in your own studio. Make it, you need quite much money, how you have to buy scripts, hearts, rear scenery and studio. But it is worth effort, how some of these shows they may state quite popular. At the beginning games, has counsel is to sold your studio, how hire be too expensive. Advertising agency gives, well, advertising and is your only source of income. Here you can get contracts for either until ten and more points, that has to be shown in the defined row time with defined viewing statistical compilation. Sometimes even special filming genre be wanted. How advertisement is harsh bargain, there be but two eventuality: either you bottle contract, then everything is OK and you get your platbunebo you will not and have to pay punishment. You will find out soonthat the it is very even hard to get positive sheet gall, so plan your advertising choicely.

When art rainbow undid mad with TV in the year 1991, that wasn't only unique, but also had some fabulous VGA graphic art and astonishing soundtrack. Play is wrapt full humour and amusing animation to followed, that abbreviates time, after you has your programme planed. There are many mad with office, that can be visited, as are bio- řízené bio- dynamic monster outhouse (says you what?). A last but not least it has porter, who always be zealous to had short act of his boring day. On the whole I evaluate this play with 4, as it has whacking graphic designer and sounds and is - much major - much amusing and addictive to played, when did you found out bases. So excurse into magic world television business and is the first principal which can get really good runtime!

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Rainbow Arts


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