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Indian waterlily net price call appeal for offers something, what always making me sham today, especially with some friends about. It be quick and that is merry making. Drive isn't realist (also "smooth" exactly), but really never mind here (I've seen worse... and I've seen better, but nothing soever seen I'm till now can be in comparison with herewith). There are 3 car model and 13 tracks to elected, championship and time trial mode, hand or self-changing gearbox, adjustable level problems etc . two player mode be backed fissure cathode - raytube backdrop. You can control your vehicle usage either (two - cleft) keyboard, joystick or mouse - or some /every /no combination of the above - you name it :). Graphic art are handsome and straight design is excellent! Also, you can choose of several musical theme as though you do you want to listened at driving. Like special treatment, there's a sort of straight editor which lets you pick racecourse characteristics as are weather conditions, surface, steepness, scenery, curvedness, crimp etc . it be easy to learn for beginner and that is mnohemobtížnější to coped, so did you be liable to become " drug addict Indian waterlily" even when you sham for the first time.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Magnetic Fields (Software Design) Ltd.


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