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"dobře, to je něco nového", byl můj první výtisk, a, "dobře, který nejvíce jistě byl extravagantně originál a opravdu totálně něco nového


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There you are, found your alleyway gigantic superstition mountains Arizony. But one thought stays unyielding in your minds: Discovering alluring wealth lost Holanďanu pit. There has been much of those, who followed same way how do you. Unfortunately (fortunately?) no made till now. You perhaps? Well ... This will not snap.

Lost Netherlander mine begins in "golden field" town, only where you can find everything, what needs for be "retread". ; status is indicated with by three directions: Health, food and water. As you will browse expeditions, sometimes for a week, you will need good quantity supplies from store. Don't be in a hurry and choose wisely, how you do not have big bag to bore everything about. Salon can be used to sleep, several gulps and perhaps some gambling with "elegant Danem." If you can suceed find some gold, try Assay Office. Their exchange rate be all right, except there's a nowhere else in the middle of deserts to changed your bag ores with money. If you be more succesfull and are be able to do thousand dusts, lead to hire stabling for foreign horses for stand - by. Be careful investigation deserts. There are expresses, banditti after your money, and Indians examiner steal your burros (stand - by).

There are another another modes , that play put you inthat the be like each other basic so merry making (something basic be something merry making saysthat the I). Play run on real - time, and you need to do what you would needed done in real expedition: restore to health equipped, make surethat the check your supplies often and do not panic as soon as you encounter danger. After all isn't that this very main which does play addictive above all?

Midi music and several sound effects are available if you run game with DosBox. Graphic art isn't best you will see around 89 - ovo but they surely holds you on focus. Pick out CGA or MCGA graphic art at the beginning games if you don want to be hypnotist and perhaps hurt your eyes.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Magnetic Images


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