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To je opravdu temná hra která trvala mě 11 let aby dostaly mé ruce na! Jako děcko, které já jsem hrál na demoverzi která přišla s vydáním


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It do they really dark play which abided me 11 years to got my hand on! Like baby, that I'm play demo which bring in publication "PC size" in the year 1996. Since, what then I'm felt find it. Wasn't there any foot from that in the internet, and I'm be really starting to be afraid games was losable for ever. After numberless searchs and updated to the by other forums over the years I'm learned that the play title was " losable town Atlantis" (in this way referred to as "Atlantis") as well as as though it was to make American developer "Noch softvérem,inc" back in 95. It no - upheld much from Noch was extinct, but later yet in the end I'm got demo through German Abandonia member (demo was in English), and a month later so is it succeed in obtain German full version! Later yet I'm came to the contact real producer games, Thomasa Dumstorf, through back number fax, and he spoke to methat the even he had no no image where find English version! So, what kind of games is this well latent demand rarity?

Play: Atlantis is platform play where you control Raghim - Phoenician marketer whose power and valour was corresponding strong longing to travelled far and wide. He buies old map in bazaar and ride on navigation. Ship come down in storm and Raghim is washed ashore in long lost provincial. Now herewith totally naked masculinity (yes fellows I dreaded so / electron promotion, ey girls?), you must run through labyrinths Greece, Egypt and in the end Atlantis, assassination of monster in your way and search pearl to bought arms to did so. Way walks so much over water how down it, how Raghim can go, runs, jump, climb the, swim and sink down. You must bend out traps and watch so that don't exhaust reserve oxygen while underwater. To forgo to the next level you must find whole hidden Crystals (by any level includes seven Crystals) and put them on magician which watchs exit to the next level. Greece, Egypt and Atlantis every has four beneath diginity, so play has on the whole 12. Almost all enemy are mythical creatures like Minotaurs, Harpies, Giant Scorpions and such (depending on which world you be in) and demand another arms and gimmickry to kill off. There's a nine another arms in the aggregate, and Raghim can have up to rub in every world. These may be buy in small temples found in rooms both over and under sea. Levels of are provocative and long so "BEGINNER" is hard enough to, but to those, who make it through without by many scratchs games offers tougher "MASTER" mode.

Good: Best thing about those play is as though it is not only next typical basis. 50/50 combination jump & run with swimming & diving will do so somewhat special, at least for POČÍTAČOVOU HRU undid in 95. Before, Sega undid "Alex Kidda in marvel of World", Nintendoově "extra Marioovi World", and Amigaův "traps & Treasures", all games which combined basis with swimming and diving. But nearest thing this on PC as though have cognizance of was "in search of Dr. Riptide" (where you be under) and "Scubadventure" (where did you diver in diver's equipment). These games also included dull oxygen so that couldn't stay on underwater until did you wanted, that were case with title on brackets/Amigaovi. But no two PC title give you flexibility to walk around ashore at the same time. Old " prostitute PC GAMES" ushered level where ones she could have swim/sink down with quantity limit oxygen, but this was slept one- visual "mini - - play" in bigger play. 90% timethat the did you were ashore. So "Atlantis" had unique or at least seldom seen draft, and finished like cross between "Prince Persie" and "Scubadventure" with graphic art similar "gods"/"in search of Dr. Riptide". These graphic art is rather standard for title shareware from middle 90 - ovo and should not be a failure fan old school plaies. Atlantis- ův draft also permitted long past civilization to mix with some high - tech elements (at last episode) but I don't prepare go wrong all of it to you saying more about it. Old remainder and cities where play is given are cool and mythical creatures which inhabit is is handsome touch which forms genuine sensation. Levels of are well designed, and Raghim - ovo animation (especially while in water) be good enough. Sound be present and effects are ok but a little little.

Bad: There is not very story to those play, and that is a little sad for it is ancient and mythical seats/creatures offer much backcloth which it could have been used better storied- familiar with create something more complex. Operating controls are a little ham - handed, so are you surethat the try out is in readme file ATLANTIS before edge or they'll main reason for much dying. Important one is thatthat the if you do you want be promoted over variance you must hold down "up" key first and then press "directly" or "left the" key failing that Raghim will most probably jump and DIVE place that - sometimes right on his death. Poisonous thing on first - level is as though always, when you lose one's life you reappear at the beginning levels of and everything (rolls, enemy etc) will return only as if you restarted play, and any your arms are gone. Make surethat the buckler often. In the end, poverty of land - gamete music may become boring, so if you use DOSBOX (and most you must) run some music in back...

Unsightly: Well you can probably guess it: naked masculinity. Bestowed, he lost his dress after storm, all the same... I think draft is somewhat "historical correct" from assertthat the Olympic plaies in ancient Greece where naked (no, women where not allowed to attended/watch), at least according to mine of an old history teacher. Truth is that "Atlantis" was designed by two female, so that is comprehensible why this thought run through. Perhapsthat it%%= meant how fun or even peculiar attempt at get alert. At all events it misfired, some tatters or even better - naked female main- znak, could change play on famous loser side among 14 - year - old boyhood back then, and perhaps sold more from PC - GAMERS where (and continue to be) mostly guys.

Bottom line: Raghim hasn't no tatters, but on top personally I don't thinkthat the this title there's no inferior to next platform games at the time (like "areas chaos"). Probably bad marketing and "barely graphic art" resulted in poor sales namely jettisoned into obscurity together with his production Noch softvérem, Inc . But I have to will say it is yet peculiar as though it abided twelve years till then, than it in the end discovered in abandonware- company. But right now that "Atlantis" in the end emergedthat the I I prefer you try it and create your own minds. It runs like charm in DOSBOX 0.70.

Although this version games is in German it be easy to play to even when you ignore language. It is not play with much text and there be no duologue so that is in extenso playable for all. Introduction- text is in Germans, and some insignificant word is painted during every levels of (see pictures). Menu be fine standard so only run through by other election before edge and you figure it out. Draw down next "readme" set in English (from version shareware) learn more about control first and play alone. If yet you thinkthat the German version sucks you can always hopethat it%%= will not occupy next twelve years before English full version be exposed. But non put in at it.

A for last, and if you like this play, this might be interesting to knew as though Atlantis - producer Thomas Dumstorf get in about itthat the his crew later development title named "Fortune cookie", slack under the name Midasův software. That were kind advanced version Atlantis, same kind notions terrestrial and water search but with more bizarre (if this is possible) adversaries. I've never sham and if it's like this hard to get possession how Atlantis was to, probably will never I will.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Noch Software, Inc.


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