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Toto brzký a vzácný DOS rybářský sim má nabídkové hnané rozhraní stejně jako Wizard herní Rockstar. Jestli vy jste těšili se ze že hra vy


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Movement is simple surgical play railway. In reality it is not nothing magnificent. For the first time I'm encountered st. of that kind be worth playing Donald kachna - ovo Playground (one on the part of- her to be exact) and I'm played this (again how side- hra) when I'm got losable mind Dr. Cerebral play.

Yet this does doesn't need to mean play them all bad. It can in reality be fairly entertainment.

You need to operated points and navigate train motors for either point to the other without rainfall. Stay at except gating switch or in signal - lamps and parries and reverse direction if getting to bad station.

Time and quantity possible rainfall have one's limits from level to level and once either one he is up, you drop play.

Strains are basic and graphic art be functional, coloured, but run of the mill. Together below average simple entertainment with not much originality. But play has two line which pay it a little. First is language option. It's German play, so that is possible to play at either German or English language (no wide difference though). Next is editor, where you you may set your own tracks and play to your own hádankynebo change be abreast of friends to called upon is.

Now for final score. Look, how some magazines with professional critique have given this play how low mark how 19% and on the other side others (also professional critics) give it to how tall mark how 84%. Personally I like thought which this play includes trains (simply love is), but feels general play be disappointed for 1992, especially by sight I'm this in side- hrách before. Yet possibility of editing maps and making of your own level be too convincing case to put those play higher mark, behind itthat the please and somewhat addictive cerebral practical joker.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Prestige Softwareentwicklung GmbH


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