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herní vývojový tým za tímto hrou je nazývaný LEGEND, a hlava pracovní skupiny byla Bob Bates, nezávislý programátor Infocom


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Wear shoes newspaper Henry Mortona Stanleya and start for dangerous, gorgeous and exotic world Africa will try find missing research worker, famous Dr. David Livingstone. It's historical conspiracy from 19. century one of platform plaies soever made.

Livingstone, I I suppose? is unique play which left competitive way at the back. Play be described as 2D action- adventure platform style. It can sound like by many genres in one’s play, but it really is taking piece them all. A haut monde with interest riddle and line and a lot of trouble be attached to much interesting play, in reality unique play to exactly. This play does all of this possible and does play lot more interesting than next "jump and overhead" basis.

You have you got three another arms and pole rod for longer and higher jumps. Combination of all this gives you big possibility of action. Use boomerang for purposes above you, knife for purposes before you and bombs for purposes below you. Reduce arms using numbers buttons 14th Hold fire button (space) climb to power put/skipping and let go when you thinkthat it%%= be enough. Use Q,A,O,P for movement. You must militate against your alleyway, lift various objections and in the end find and save Dr. Livingstone.

This play is look - alike lolipop who also be formed silly operas only with many improvements. Intriguingly PC version is not very inferior to others. Technically it is worse contemplating CGA graphic art and only PC loud - speakers supported, but play and world be identical in future versions. Yet, although it is CGA, graphic art be too rich in detail. Of course EGA graphic art she could have and music would left still better impression but play has all those line which are did it legend.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Opera Soft


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