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Když mi někdo řekne Tyrian, vybaví se mi dvě stíhačky, které putují vesmírem po různých planetách. Tyrian je akční hra, ve které, jak už jse


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Life and Death is malingering. "A malingering of what?" you can ask. Well, in life and death you enact surgeon and doctor in Toolworks universal hospital.

When you start play you will welcome main skyway. On your left will sister, so you better signs in before you get to work. Once you have done as though you will be due to do comical bit, thing you always be want to do: Diagnose pataints.

You start prod parts inmates pot belly ewwwwww and see what they say (only don't jostle much). There is also several tools to upheld, like X - ray.

Once you have found out what's wrong with inmates (after several death), you have to do most comical thing in play: OPERATE! Yes, operate pataint, that is not cushy number, and can get disorderly if aren't careful. As I: with first person I'm operated I'm I forgot was turn gas on.

Operating be hardest interest in play. Fortunately there come in handy to handbook - well, this play be done doctor. You will find also several problems at operating, such as bleeding and heart problems. It took me perhaps 50 people to did first operation and with much view of recap.

General life and Death be overwhelming play and you will study / will into - learn quantity even when it is a little hard to completed. It not have to be everyone cupper, but will try it - you can just like it.

I evaluate this play 5 because there very little of plaies hereof type and even less will leave .

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Software Toolworks, Inc., The


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