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Liberty or Death Reviews

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Long, KOEI used their resources on making realist strategy games based on Asiatic story, but this time they have given their effort into making very good and accurate version playing American War Independence. In Liberty or Death you play to how either American or English force, examiner withdraw from highest control of continent.

Playing how British will easier how they have more agents, but veteran field would have had give US forces go. As soon as you choose you provincial, you have to determine your generalissimo. This will your key player, and must be snug at any rate. If you drop your Commander, you drop war also. So sham safe with him, and take him off buoy if things turns bad.

As usual with KOEI plaies, you may use both your mouse and keyboard for verification. Personally I'd recommend use num - pad for battles, how mouse have what it takes hide themselves from time to time.

Graphic art is graceful for most, but battlefield be but unsightly. It's mostly because of fact that the old KOEI games used really peculiar resolution (640x200 pixel) and realitythat the they felt use as little colours as possible (which meansthat the most cathode - raytubes have had less than 10 colours nesting). Why KOEI arbitrated make it to their plaies is mystery, but it does give their plaies unique touch you will not don't find in of other peas.

Together Liberty or Death is proper strategy game, that covers important aero in American story.

Play supports multiplayer until 2 players.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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