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To je typická počítačová hra, ale tam je něco návykový o tom. Myslím si to je určený p


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Lexi- kříž is interesting play. Think red - haired stepchild Battleships, scribble and wheel of fortune, but with little more soul than average ginger.

It's futuristic troll on gameshow genre, in conjunction with cyborg host of and robotic contestant, and even CAM simulacrum Vanny white has rocket shoes. You start play by selection from some /every /no planets in solar system how does your home plate (be warned: this will influence your option head, for a start) and performance out the rest your profile. This enable you to gather your L.I.M.B. play avatar, that is of merry making, but no decisive part games.

Feature games is three circuits played by two field: You can play against computer or play with friend - on same PC or over modem - or trace computer play against to himself.

You every start off by big extent empty square as though you have to turn. These give you vowels, safe token, views into your opponent's rows and columns, and letters- prázdná seats which act as crossword puzzle blocks. It's somewhat frustrating part games, how five token vowels be fairly hard to find, and empty square and square which reduce your score will finish it is your turn, and lose veer take off your next veer also. There are plus and negative token which added to or delete from your money score.

Once you have ezposed enough to square to formed your crossword puzzle help, you you can convert to selective A Letter option, that will come with about Fortune - style parts games. Wheel spinning, and you either get borrowing power to accompanying by letter you choose, go bankrupt-or finish it is your turn. There is also disclose row and disclose column which can become once every wheel. In the end, with the help of some /every /no token vowels perhapsthat the would could find, you fill up this selection word helps. But wait! This is not end wheels. Every word is hold to real riddlethat the you can implore solve in some /every /no point in wheel. Once you have figured as though out, hopefully before your robot or human opponent of does, you you are going to the next wheel. A that is all much - after three perimeters there be but option to played again. There be no end of play score cathode - raytubethat the be kind of like disillusion.

On the whole, quite cerebral play with many repetition, nice to colours and delightful sound effects. Give that turning and hopefully you use it as much as I'm did: indoor in green Martian tentacles and humming Hvězdného rolling pin subject.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Platinumware


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