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Herní ohromné soudy 1 byly jedno z prvních her tenisu udělaného pro PC. To bylo vytvořené v roce 1989 společností pojmenovanou Ubi Soft.


Leisure Suit Larry 1 - in the Land of the Lou Reviews

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Suit spare time Larry be formed along with Policí search 1, like new appendage to adventurous genre.

Did you Larry Laffer, 38 - year old misfit which live all his life in his of her mother's place. One day he suddenly come to realize as though he needs to lived good life and taste forbidden fruit, so he go out and buies suit spare time and some gold jewellers. Old Larry Laffer obiit, and new is ready go down and boogie!

Conspiracy games is pretty simple: you have to score a goal woman during 24 o'clock.

This play is mirthquake, namely kept me busy long when it be released. Dithering as though I'm be about eight years old when I first rehearse play, that is marvel of which in reality I managed to finish it. (we English writing be fairly basic in those gout, say the least). Gratefully my elder brother he came in and helped me write such difficult instructions how EXAMINE and GIVE WHISKEY TO DRUNK. Basically he did almost everything in play for the first time I "played" it. Thanks, man!

This play be the first sui generis have continuation waiting. Al Lowe suggested Larry develop through games, so story Larry is more complex than story by many by other play heros.

There more is not much to will not to say about first Larryově play. It meant preamble to "" play style search, although it is very different from next three be subdivided into several lots (royal search, space search & shelf search).

Have a good time herewith little precious stone.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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