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"co je všechny kravály o?" to je o hádat se poker! OK, dobře možná ne. Hádat se poker je zajímavý málo hry pokeru, jen pro výběr počítačo


Legends Reviews

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Are you poised to good time? Are you poised to fine time? If did you, did you shipshape. If you are not, you better will hurry along, because as soon as you start Legends, will you have time of your life.

Earth be done how experiment foreigners, for scientific research and cheap pleasure appreciate. Nevertheless, menace undulation peace over Zemi shoot up in alarming rate, so foreignes adjudicate withdraw from 20 minutes time from their live and travel world and through time, handing out efficient arms some societies, while no - others, creative whacking nerovnováhukterá will keep their entertainment going. You play to how Billy, nephew Professor, who happened to found same in a way time traveller how foreignes, and, although no aware their influence, they have taken notice somebody's special. ; uncle will send you take over bodies populace and deprive world hereof confusion, so peace can again blossom. ův graphic art

fable and play be highly reminiscent Zelda. It has same graphic style, with clear, cheery colours and drawing- ish, down from top characters. Play more action/investigation oriented than Zelda, though. You will walking for either parts country to the other bring entries, beat boss in, build up your life again, etc . also, after bludgeoning boss in, you get small, timed mini - - play. What play is, depend upon time and countrythat the did you landed v. Divers are rána - a - mole clones, while others are basis. You will know when you do you see.

Control of Legends are a little ham - handed. You use Z and X move left and right, and P and L move up and down. Spacebar fires, entrance opens cathode - raytube inventories, F1 shows your map, F2 recalls latest news and F12 turns gamma brightness.

Is there every, who wants travel about world and through time, everything at the same time? Handle your chance right now, then, and play to Legends, before, than it is too late!

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Krisalis Software Ltd.


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