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Já obecně nemám rád textové založené hry tak já jsem nebyl netěšil se na psaní této recenze, ale jakmile já jsem hrál hru znovu (po tolik


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Now it it is one o'clock insane play. You get into play to one of three characters and their mission (election) are another. Playing either Earthlings you need to treated foreigner which crush- landed on ours planet. In the process of make it you encounter by various people and you can talk to them. If person is other sex then themselves you get lips icon for (probably speak any next...), but on click it, that change about icon for thread (a little punctual things, that it seems have - not no effect on play at all, except show you some premiums material rocket launch, torpedo tingle, zep flying...). Like I'm he said, insane.

Failing that play be fairly pleasant adventurous play, but too easy. Have three another characters to elected is beautiful plait (but in reality there be but some difference if you choose foreigner terrestrial). You need to get it foreign trade surgical again and quits Zemi at that. Don't think too large part of what won't you protoplast in order to do so. ; old man was also flyaway and seen giant exophagous walking herbage along with many gorgeous foxs assault sexual dominion, doing that hard for anybody to sulk them.

Play is quite controlled mouse. It features good sound background, but speech (yes it have the floor) sounds a little scratchy. To load or buckler printing ESC and cathode - raytube jukebox show. Lyric title are name your spared plaies. Play song loads play and recording it spared it. Style leaves play and returning return to playing. Now I I preferthat the you buckler often, because I had a some hardship with play. It freeze over three or four times (fortunately I only revert to spared point and play).

Are not much animation in play and even the that are, be more of a rear effect. Graphic art are sound financial situation though and handsome. How for forepart, so go for this also. Should you probably no would didn't want your parents to knew, you let your younger (9 year old) sister watch, that you play to this play.

A now enough to love prelude, it is time really play to. Draw down this play evaluation on the average mark from 3 (behind itthat the graphically come in handy to, sounds good, but just too easy and heavy - laden with censored sex).

There are also two extras: Codes and recap.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Infocom


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