Asterix - Operation Getafix
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Asterix - operační Getafix byl udělaný v roce 1989 a má velmi dobrou grafiku na tu dobu, ale zvuk byl udělaný pro nějaký podivný hardware


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Learn addition is delightful little games destined for preschool child. Field they will study reckon and tack to nine edge four by other level. Well solving simple mathematical problems assisting animals create rainbow, so play will probably be appetising babies. After introduction tunes, you can choose level shift small umbrella. If player doesn't know anything about numbers, that is recommended to start from straight one's.

In first - level, player cannot do anything but pick issue from 1 to 9. Depending on issue choice, same quantity sums discovers near country and item slot discovers in cloud. Then small animals stock show and place entries in cloud. That is going to teach player to count to nine.

Comparative degree will prove your acquaintance with from first - level. After you pick issue, several groups sums discovers. Player controls animals and have to choose orderly group. If you choose badthat the group simply duck into only correct insider be abandoned.

In third level, did you introduction addition. Again, number item chink in cloud equals issue choice. Item count in groups not have to be straight choice issue, so you may have to use two insider place enough to sums in cloud.

After you are practised addition in third level, you be ready to exceed item slot. In fourth straight, simple expression they will inscribed in cloud. Possible reply are yet insider sums and bad election always will disappear. edge this levels of, player will stop familiar with simple additional problems.

Dithering age games, that has proper graphic art and sound. Evidently, learn addition doesn't look like so delightful right now, but it can act as for children. Play is very simple and even that, who still have trouble with computer and numbers they will succeed in sham within short. I advise it to those ignorant numbers and addition.

Reduce "machine=vga" "machine=cga" in Dos - boxing.consult and then run game in DOSBOX get light blue backcloth

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: Childware


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