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Lamborghini American Challenge Reviews

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Lamborghini American call appeal for is style Indian waterlily competition games. Except in this you can only drive "Lambo" :) his typical in every way for this genre - addictive, fast restrained and no brain :) only push pedal metal and relish ride! "competition" basic in a way will go down to escape slow autos and catch up your opponent of. If you end competition for peak 3 positions, you get some money, and with it ability update your car and obtain to expensive races. More expensive works, rougher opponent of, but higher money will bestow.

Graphic art are handsome, and strains are run of the mill. There are two play modes supported - masterlike mode where you play to whole path, and VS mode where you can emulate your friend. It much rolls it. If you like lotos - similar games, surely you will relish this!

Part mad with Cars trilogy

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Titus Interactive


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