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Will never unheard about Klax? Well I had a not even no. Until recently, that is. I be detected remake from that and I'm it put walks. It's merry making little games. I'm be surprised that such simple and addictive games always be done (I didn't know that were remake on that point), so I'm make sure play. Then I found this original (knew I'm that; it is play from old good time).

So what kind of games is that a? As you can see from screenshot, play be too coloured, although it has only sixteen colours. Concerning sound, there be about as much of it how you can hear from screenshot (it he is all right, play basic in a way hasn't no real sound). A very thing, what will do so so merry making? You control grey panel and have to catch lady of colour square that are plop- sagging direction at you on the table. If you pass square, you lose one's life. After you catch square, you must whip it to one of five slots. As soon as you do straight forward line triangular (it is horn), that square will disappear. You must get definite number horn to progressed to the next level. Strains easy, but believes me, it is not.

This play is yet another will pure for analysis computer merry entertainment, without any or impressive graphic designer conspiracy. His play is merry making, yet I've seen and played much better games. You will relish Klax for a while and probably run it sometimes for fast play or two, but no more than that. I give those play 3. It's merry making to played, but it will not have you hooky!

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Atari, Inc.


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