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Toto hra je směs strany-elektroniky pro přetáčení obrazu a strategie, která není moc častá směs žánrů. Obrněná vojsko alej původně byla u


KGB aka Conspiracy Reviews

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KGB is not very famous play, but it be fairly irresistible and interesting nevertheless. Story is given few days before break down Soviet Union in the year 1991 and arranges you in role KGB spy.

You smash in in your office, where you supply your not as- friendly assistant and straight- smaller- friendly boss in. You get missionary debate and spell you have you got wherein carry out it, so everything heads out very quickly. There is no time waste. You will have to smash in moment play starts and think of what's to be done on way. Time limit does play much harder than it normally they will. Nevertheless, real setting adds much playability.

How opposed to most typical adventurous plaies, this has první - perspective men. Nevertheless irrevocable this may seem a, in reality it gets pulled except easily. It will not abided long before it, than you completely will get used to it. Action is attractive and will hold you bonded to cathode - raytube for many o'clock.

I will not I won't say you much, very thing it is about needle, Russian maffia, and government gang - up. It's more than one's hold mission heterogeneous and interesting through play. Like premium, there are alternative solving and record different riddles which will influence general play.

See by technical aspects, graphic art are handsome, while sound and music are satisfactory - already no, no less. They are not nothing uncommon, but just good enough sothat the I can't complain on is. Globally, good enough play and surely worth examination.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Cryo Interactive Entertainment


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