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Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja Reviews

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Story: Did you monster somewhere on way among monkey and homo sapience and you be just about found out some of these loons create next trunk stole your wives! First you scribble your head a little but after a while you handle your club and run over to next zawn trunks bumps some Neanderthal heads. This is not quite way Joe and Mac, our boor Ninjas prepares. Above all: those caveman live in summer cottagethat the be fairly anachronism. Second of all, they disuse clubs, but put openings, knives and all kinds of peculiar virtuous arms to defeated enemies - ale then, they ARE ninja... They militate against their alleyway tons and tons enemies to could disengage stolen women!

Graphic art and sound: Joe and Mac make a fine show. Green, colour graphics with much tricks drawings. Backcloth are nice to and there are quite a few another locations, enemy are heterogeneous and pleasure. Music which will accompany this eye- cukroví attract and sound effect are proper.

Play play: You can play to this play with two people using either joystick(with) or keyboard. From there on it's enough to straight forward. Run, jump, fire away and sink. Joe and Mac have any special movements: you can leap into highers thing using special jump and you can do you firing power heighten if you hold fire button longer. Play is fast enough and sometimes cathode - raytube is word for word be rife with enemies. I'm was found play enough to difficult first, but I am growing hill - side from that right now, so the first hour or so it can be a little frustrating.

Lockwork: Joe and Mac: Ninja boor be firm basis which should not be missing from your collections. His difficulty will do so a little hard for people, who usually don't play to this type games, but don't let, no matter what it lay up you. Graphic art and sound will do this worth 4 in mine humble opinion!

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Data East Corporation


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