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Jisaeneun Dal Reviews

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Jisaeneun Daled be of interest action platform play from Pantechsthat the usually published games from Mirinae Software. While setting in medieval Korea be fairly atypical, conspiracy be but typical lady in distress fare: Dusu village hero is attacked, and his girlfriend is flyaway some wealthy snob which wants marry her. Dusu have to pierce six rungs to get into roguish seat.

Dusu militate against wooden pole rodthat the unfortunately hasn't much wide range of, but at least it can be used block attacks by pressing down arrow. There is also dull reserve axes which be used as bolasso. In some point in levels, it is also possible collect virtuous faery which be too destructive, but also withdraw from some charging timethat the she could give hero in danger.

Unfortunately play gadgetry are not it polished. Operating controls are receptive enough to, but bitwise detection is merciless, doing that often next to impossible give wide berth getting bitwise enemies. Dusu also easily fall off margins basis, transmission much jumps of other poisonous till they should be. Play also have any insect, most importantly only that the fastest high - speed setting really washing without any difficulty (at least in DOSBOX), but single-level memory rate of swelling also does play really hard.

Graphic art and music be fairly handsome and really disc home easter atmosphere. Technologically, graphic art be about level you would expect from SNES games. Because Jisaeneun put so much be inspired by plaies consols, that also only offers password renews play in before achieved rung.

Operating controls assault: strg throw: alto Magic: space guard: down jump: up run: double stop - cock be abandoned or genuine rate of swelling down: F5 ( disuse, makes defect in DOSBOX) speed up: F6 (prints several times when play begins give wide berth troubles) quit games: F10 (alert: no confirmation instantaneous)

play uses pass - word system, but during games numbers are shown in the Korean writing. Also, password are accidentally generated always, when play is installed, so they will not work on to other computer.

Important: F5 and F6 be calculated for drive play rate of swelling inwards. Nevertheless, for play to ran in due form it is necessary for print F6 at the beginning always into games be at it fastest rate of swelling, and then will never no print F5 again, how all other high - speed setting causes bug: Once clubbing, player stays glimmer and invincible, that not only nobody's call appeal for, but also cause sterner insect later.

Download includes CD picture. Switch to CD governs picture is mounted in DOSBOX (important: mount with - t cdrom parameter), then type installs. First Sound Blaster must be given; low grade is car detection. After sound card follows choice between CD based (upper option) and HD based (lower option) installs, but only CD based work! In the end, install way must be given.

Options in Start menu are next: New play continued (password) election left

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Pantech


Jisaeneun Dal - download


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