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The Lion King, vytvořená podle stejnojmenného filmu od Disney je akční plošinovko-arkáda. Ačkoliv zde není přímo psaný příběh ani přímá řeč,


Island of Dr. Brain, The Reviews

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This play be done in year 1992 and is part Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots. It be full of of all sorts riddles and I'm enjoyed that much.

Play heads out with Dr. Brain Říkás you how he worked behindhand in his laboratory and I'm was trush in with rosy flamingo and plans for its last dead secret project be stolen. Fortunately, Dr. Brain let realitythat the project requires special battery to operated. Battery it is possible find in but one place - Dr. Cerebral private island. ; imposition is to went to its island, get battery and bring it back to him. On island, you will have to run through Dr. Cerebral safeness knits. If you be in some /every /no problem, you may use watch allusion to contacted Dr. Brain and he give you help. Some of the riddles be easy, others are not.

Graphic art are dressy and that is full Easter eggs (clicks on everything you do you see). There's a even dinky speech and you can choose among Adlib, universal MIDI and PC discussing music.

It come in handy to play, but unfortunately it is much easier than it is ancestor of, fortified castle Dr. Brain. I press up to you, so that felt some (or everything) riddles on special level. They be too harder then. Implore beat mine entry in "tower Hanoi" riddle on special level - 468 movements!

Copy protection remark: when examined for breadth and longitude coordinate at the beginning, only clicks wherever on screen and play will receive is!

Part Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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