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Iron Lord Reviews

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From 1st look - in opening screens...this play had me hooky! I I preferthat the you have a look in extras and play course out of this play (it is from C64 version games, all the same...). PC version has gently worse strains and graphic art, fortunately play stayed same (but it does it seems a little dawdling).

Conspiracy isn't original, but works nicely. Did you nobleman returning to your native kingdom, only reveal your uncle took verification while did you be away. Now you must find out military and fight him!

You encountering other people and most of them will characteristic for certain guilds. If you do be wrapped up kindness, join forces with you (only envision lead clubs millers and templářových knights into battles at the same time). To be able to win their favours, you first need to find is. There are a few seats you can go to the, from main map. Once every place is choice you catch sight of handsome little animation taking you your aim. On carriage - drive you catch sight of solitude/monastery/town you visit and in top left corner dinky scrolling map seats. By pressing space you find out about place you be in (like where people are, what houses cluster round you etc .). As soon as you will find people you will need make them favours and in return they help you win war. You will need to won competition archery only give your hard won trophy to stamp collector, insure his services (and similar little side search like that).

Small side games (like archery competition, arm wrestling tournament - or shooting hazard) do this play more heterogeneous, unfortunately so does it will do so difficult. There's a but one place where you can buckler play (in castle ruins), but it's like this easy to fumble and trip at gambling (leave you short of cash).

On way also run into enemy knights. You need to defeated go before, than you can continue by and that is not always snap. You only you will have dull look (you carry your combat helmet after all) and you will be able strike or block from by other as regards. Only keep in mind, that is gigantic and heavy edge, that did you master, so do you expect reactionary time to somewhat drag behind then requisite.

Once you have military (even when but one guild chose to appended you) you can call on your uncle armies. You need revert to your fortified castle and start war. Hereinto point play be more adventurous/RPG type, but after you call on your uncle play becomes strategic play. You will move your force and hopefully win war ( really - had would get all the people add you if you eye win) and storm your uncle's fortified castle.

A now walks final part - computer game.

Once inside fortified castle, you will run about maze with your main opponent of be your energy. Every time you end maze you get arcade like action scene, where you lose your energy fast. There is no way renew energy and as soon as you run out of it game is over.

So make sure, whether you will find your uncle in time and retake uncrown!

Together this play be overwhelming mixture some excellent plaies. There are parts where it remind me high protector crowns. Iron Lord doesn't need to be fairly as far as level defence attorney, but surely it is play worth playing!

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Ubi Soft Entertainment


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