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To je znovu-vydání herního PARAGON z 1991. Mimo pár titulních obrazovek, hry jsou identické: stejné úrovně, grafika a hra. Nic změnil ani


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Let's go speak heaps iconic play. Playthat the I talk of is INN ( ImagiNation Network), online play this was massively popular during 1990 - ovo. This was originally named TSN ( Sierra Network) but when AT&T take it over, name was to changed INN. Then in the year 1996, AOL take it over and slew it; just like Neverwinter Nights. Nevertheless, INN abided for more than NWN AOL.

Games include gambling casino grown - up, and three online multiplayer RPG games which are so addictive and graphically enchanced as though it go away that the you be missing ! more; you can even play at teams real people. Play also features much plaies from Sierra (Boogers, Red baron, Stratego, etc .). My favourite games are Boogers, play where you move bogeymen to took next player bogeymen to she could have fill deck; Shadowy figure Yserbius where you obtain levels of assassination of monsters; Red baron, play dogfight where you try and shoot down next aircraft; and Stratego, play where you try and find next peas flag (right now this play is baby buggy and don't work well).

When you first join, you do "profile" or "personality": digital sign that is of representation of you. You can choose from quantity by other hairstyles, vesture, glasses and quantity of other. You can choose then how good you be in peas and your four favourite pursuit. Then you go into a place password - go into a place some /every /no letters how pass - word system is redundant right now, unites over IP, and you ride up at a map. A report show you, how many people are online... THEN GAMES START!

We can all play to these play thanks fellows in Innrevival project, who succeed in renew server for ImagiNation Network, as many thank you from us all! Did you used to have pay MEGA gelt for this play; but for it is currently hosted on IP server, completely it is free. Come in and join merry entertainment. Try to it; you may be suprised in how good and merry making in reality it is.

JUMP THESE STEPS IF YOU HAVE YOU GOT INSTALLATION VERSION. How mock play running: first, you need DOSBOX. Then you have to find and edit DOSBOX configuration file. This be easy to, and instruction can be found on DOSBOX wiki. Now go down to [SERIAL] and do that, what it says down (in support foot):

[SERIAL]Serial1=eliminated (change those lines regardless of what it says Serial1=modem)Serial2=DisabledSerial3=DisabledSerial4=Disabled

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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