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I, Damiano - The Wizard of Partestrada Reviews

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How much plaies begin with you meeting devil himself? Well this attractive text based adventure called the I, Damiano does.

Play is placed in medieval Italy and did you fable by the name of Damianoa. You start in hell and play does cover up archangel (both killed and fail to-killed). Till now, so good.

Play features PC speaker sound (that is not all that poisonous) and CGA graphic art with some animations. Graphic art be fairly nicely done in reality. Feature screens is reserved for text. Pictures are there mostly for eye appeal and are so quite no- funkční (yet they're handsome addition). Unfortunately this play wield power dull dictionary (only two words at the time). This really takes away much games, because cannot give more complex order, so riddle cannot be all that complex also.

Principal focus games seems a measure among pictures and in letterpress. This show you weather your good or evil. It be too important. Did you started play meeting devil and if you do not wish to end up in his areas, you need to remain on good side.

To help you succeedthat the I'm provided recap. If you feel likethat the you get stuck, perhapsthat the would could have a look in it.

Together I thinkthat it%%= be firm text based adventure, but no complex enough to. I like image good against short measure which replaced score would you mind achieve in some of other text based adventures, but it is not so useful. In of other peas at least do you know as though you were doing something genuine, when your score raised. I arrange this play allowance 4. They begged make it good (unyielding line conspiracy, handsome graphic art with even some animation and quite pleasant sound), but they no - enough to didn't pother about play alone.

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Bantam Software


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