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Hostage - Rescue Mission Reviews

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Surety yet another be overwhelming play long! I'm wont love this play (although mostly I'm play it on C64) namely hasn't losable every of his charm (no through porting to PC, not even through aging process).

Presumption is simple. You be in charge of special forces, who they need to insight into embassy and disengage all surety. You be given the options to either get all surety from outhouse or simply fire away all terrorist.

Play is play at different rungs. First you need place your sharpshooter in fit localities about embassy. Map show you X marked by articles, where they need be stationed.

On single journey they need give wide berth getting spied searchlights, how they'll shower with bullets and in the end slew if they are not careful enough to. You you can hide entrances, jump behind fences or even crawl below searchlight.

Once all qualified sniper be placed into position, helicopter will add next three members rooftop embassy. These three team members will have imposition dismounting parties outhouse, pushing through window and enters the embassy. Qualified sniper on the outside they may check out the window on their side outhouse, but no be tempt to fire at silhouette you do you see, the might be innocent surety.

Once inside outhouse you need to find all surety and get them to peak floor from where they may be escape. Be careful will not get shot departure on way. Nezapomeněte, surety be unseccessful ourselves, so if you do you see surety shift there oblige at it, be terrorist directly behind him. Also noticethat the won't you guidable more then one's surety through outhouse at that time. A surety will follow you automatically as soon as you meet him face to face.

Play has three levels of problems and several mission in every level. You start off as first lieutenant and as soon as you successfully (without victim to) end toughest mission (attack) at that rank, you participate publicity. Problem is as though on next levelthat the you get into replay same end of play again, only it is somewhat rougher to played smaller information desk on map, smaller time...). And that is this repetitiveness as though I subtracted one point except perfect score for these games for.

Failing that play line handsome 16 colours EGA graphic designer and only basic sounds. It supports joystick verification and if you ask me it do they really best way playing that (returns even more beloved memory of C64 days - at least for me). I would I'm had probably only warn against you as though you need to slackened DOSBOX down to about 580 cycles to played this play, failing that it is too fast.


Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Infogrames


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