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Shadow Warrior vydaná roku 1997 je od vývojářů 3D Realms. Hra běží na stejném enginu jako známější Duke Nukem 3D, nebo Redneck Rampage.


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Sprite - play of all time???

It's only one of by many titles would you mind read in different computer magazines throughout Europe. It was play which switched limit which brought something new and unhoped - for to world, that was kind games as though you either completely are loved or odious. Well, last part always be true, even after all this time.

The were to be days when virtually there were no another kind of adventure but text one and best would you mind ask for is good story, good description and interesting riddles all in one. Be not very simple to slew call appeal for and nor yet too illogical to be too difficult. What more could would there be?

Well, sprite brought something new. It brought behaviour signs. Now perhapsthat the would could saythat the this is not unseen. Characters moved freely in many text adventures and there was some games where real - time be included, so did you had to write quickly. All of this be included here too, although you do not have to be it fast. But it is not nothing unseen. What be truly a unseen is BEHAVIOUR signs. This meansthat the every sign won't act same in a way when you meet him/her. Do they really sheltered failing that always, when did you played. Not as failing that, sometimes so - called friend doesn't need to be as interested in helping you so you may have to persuade him a little and sometimes enemy mustn't it assault at once for he have to be in a hurry else. It is not exactly AI, but it succeed in do small extemporaneousness which wasn't certain opposite case in adventures era. In reality, that wasn't exactly used in text adventures after that also. Another characters with their own behaviour - yes, but there wasn't another play where characters just a little their personal free will at case in those play.

How do you probably are guessed, play be based on famous bunch J.R.R. Tolkien, ancestor of much more famous mister rings. You enact Bilbo Baggins, sprite which happily live in his hole into one day his known Gandalf bring in dwarfs and offered him adventure. A what adventure it is - knock down powerful dragon and recover treasure dwarfs. There are no next dwarfs in play but Thorin. He and Gandalf are your partner in those play and you will need their reinforcing to finished it. You can talk to them and next characters any time you do you want (if they be present). Communication can be a little intricate at the beginning how do you need to wrote something like this: SAY ELROND "READ MAP" - you get the picture. On the other side this gives you lump possibility of at talking to somebody. You can asks them to do different kind thing although cannot expect the same result contemplating already explain conduct.

Of course, this is not end peliculiar things in those play. Shift through the world is a little illogical till then, than you will get used to it. This sounds mad with but that's the way it is. Illogical entailsthat the for example you can go east or north from certain placing you end in same placing. So, this new placing them as both north and exit previous one's. Less unthinkable is any set localities which you move in certain direction and than achieve first again. A sometimes you will go long way somewhere (on the mountain for example) and you moved to some new wave and seem somewhere like half world away. Yet, I don't think that the play is full disorder. Everything is for exactly designed, only some parts are designed hereto, to plait you. So exactly you will not be able to achieve ends some foreign movement. There are some roads that has to be passed, some of them in specific order and some of them no.

In original packet did you have had goodish notebook documentation (at least for C64 version) expositive how play game. Yet, you will need much thinking and much attempt at many a thing to could clear out. Also, that is tall storythat the some solving will soever becomes you unless you have read book or at least you have you got good picture what is happening. Failing that, do you really need imagination. It be too rude play to hammered inclusive of all riddles that are not illogical to someone familiar with book and inclusive of all signs as though you need to interact with, both friends and enemies. Fortunately, you can save up to 20 position any time you do you want. That shall buckler some torment if you get close to deaths.

You can completely love it or hate it, you can stop playing that for it is much hard to you or you can play to even more because from of all things, that you have to do and locations you must run through. But most players they will agree with one thing uncared - for if they like it or not: this play is unique!!! It not have to be best text adventure soever, but it be cock ofthat the most unique one's, if you can say it that way. All those wayward characters, riddle, locations, all the world in reality, and all those possibilities, it seems as though nothing be left out. Much it be affected by by the book (story which leads to to those localities, riddle and characters) and end - result be much more than only good. This play be capable of giving you infinite o'clock sleeplessness till then, than you clear out namely succeed in stay on interesting even after that. This is not necessity, that is MUST MUST for all lover text adventure, play able surviving of all time.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Beam Software


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