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Hexen, celým názvem Hexen: Beyond Heretic, je počítačová akční hra, vydaná v roce 1995. Známá je jako jeden z klonů hry Doom. Hra běží na li


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Reviews

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Probably best Infocom play soever made, guide-book to tracker dog galaxy ' was instantaneous hit when it was the first slack in the year 1984.

Based on homonymous book from Douglas Adamsa merry sci - fi comedy which put origin words today world's (what if I says Babel fish? Or Trillian?), companion tracker dog is literary precious stone, and did you thereinto!

You start play how Arthur Dent, typical Englishman whose home just be destroyed to paved the way new major road. Eftsoons, country alone be destroyed to thrust one's way new interstellar major road bad Vogon Constructors, and you must escape demolition with your alien friend Ford Prefect; first to Vogon warships, and then to gold heart, craft runs Fordovým known Zaphod Beeblebrox, dva - heads swell which only stole it. Once there, your aim becomes safely alight on lost planet Magrathea. Make it, you must search various quoins property (changes identities several times on the way) obtain several by other pcs . dust, necessary to set foot on planet.

What's dust then? Who knows......Concerning play and ' comical factor ' , really it is HIGH. Rare parser allows you to do much wide flying range, some for only your own entertainment (e.g.in sometimes at the beginning would you mind ' relish mud ' ...).

This version games is gold publication, needs WinFrotz run and features much interesting material. Above all, telling inner dictionary, much greater than any other play time.Then, - ův Invisiclues ' that the be basically wood - groove- v - možném groove clash with system. Are you glued - on? It give you cogitations or counsel, and even of the whole solving if really cannot solve what's to be done.Then handsome feature ' is for your - ův part entertainmentthat the says you some peculiar things you can do through play (but you should check this only after completing that). There are also some main questions answered, and list of all possible points, and way to obtain is ( silence is advice after finishing games once).

Definitely necessity for everyone....expecially for people no interested in Interactive fiction, that would likely change their mind once withdrew this diamond play......

A keep in mind: DO NOT PANIC!!!

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: Infocom


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