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In Hidden programme, did you new president Chimerica ( fictitious country in Central America). Did you were choice after citizens overthrew bad dictator Farsante. Play may be regarded as good educational material.

At the beginning, you have to face group journalists asking you what will your major goals how new president. You will have to choose wisely as you will judge by story later. Chimerica is in horrible situation, infant mortality rates ghastly be high and many people are live in poverty. It lie you come in!

Above all you determine ministrythat the be as busy as a bee than those look! Will you left - wind president have ministry crowded from national freedom - or will you rather trace drastic genuine policy? That is all up to you. Nezapomeněte, you can implore help people, but you can also be how cruel how dictator Farsante was! So have you you must pass by and encounter people, you you may be death squad leader or union leader, you create your own policy, and every time you will find friends and enemies... ; the point is to kept presidency as long as possible.Don't start from respects your enemies if do they really hates you, they may start - ův coup d'état /Fr./ ' !

As though everything this would wasn't enough to, USA they are trying to all the time force you do that, what he wants. So you have to care how they refuse help much much and if you sulk him, he can be really horrible opponent of.

Ministers also, all the time they will try to do anything they've like to, and you have to look out for it what they say. It do they really playing high policy and few words may easily turn of the whole situation 180 steps. You can check falls your Decision checking statistics and several paper.

This can sound like much difficult play, but it is merry making to played and quite pleasant though it can be hard on start of... After playing plaies for several times get thereinto.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: TRANS Fiction Systems


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