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Alpine setkání je interaktivní hra fikce s grafikou, říkajícím příběhem ukradené vázy, ukradené řízené střela plány, a tajný agent dožene


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I'm used to play Hexxagon against my friend, in hot - seat mode. In reality, we'd have two chair behind single desk and kept on lug and chiming keyboard (and mutually also). He usually beats me (in Hexxagon minds you, seriously I'm owned him in destruction!). Play was simple in draft and play, but blackly also in graphic art, sound and AI.You can beat computer easily, even when it be in - ův hard ' mode. Despite, that was handsome play which kept me amused quite for a while. Same year, Hexxagon 2 be released, but meanwhile I'm walk up and down to the next plaies, so I've never paid that some /by any /no attention.

Play is simple. Fight out deck performance that with tiles of your own kind. You can multiple one of your own blocks shift individual field - or jump over square. Some /every /no opponent of beside field, that you alight on, change about ones your own. Watch if you leave hole, because your opponent of can jump in and take over all clingy field in one fell overhang. If you sham once, do you know rules. Tactics demand some practice...

Hexxagon 2 offers same play how so ancestor of does, but accompanying lustrous new graphic art, somewhat better sound effect and gently improved computer intelligence. It surely looks good, with handsome animations when you takeover opponent of. A, how did Hexxagon 1, that offers deck- editora, so you you can change make - up playingfield. So, because there are no world - shaking news in those play, as compared to version one, I'm about to leave score at three. It's fair playthat the would had definitely try out and play to couple of time, but it will not hold did you entertained more then for a few hours!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Argo Games


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