Bandit Kings of Ancient China
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V roce 1989, jediný rok po KOEI narodil se, králové bandity starověké Číny udeřila trh a začal strategickou revoluci. Jeho rozhraní by se


Hat Trick Reviews

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Have you ever dreaming about score hat- triku? To be astonishing ambusher which can evade the goal-keeper three times in one’s play? Well, with the help of those games, you can try!

Hat trick was mature in the year 1984 from Ataria Inc . It began his life how co - in - the - slot play, then in the year 1987 this was port PC, C - 64 and some more basis.

Play do they really simple. ; team consists of only two players - goalkeeper and skater. Interest is as though you control both of them at the same time. Goalkeeper moves only up and down near purposes and skaters they may stroll around of all skatingrink. When your "he - field" player moves up or down, goalkeeper does same. One things, that could was said to be poisonous at the beginning is sliding. Ice - hockey is play ice, so that is plus for realism, but you need to got sensation that before, than you can manage hat trick.

Graphic art are simple. Field spare animated and all playground is shown one's screens - of no scrolling needed. A handsome touch is that when field move, they sometimes they quits scratches on ice. These are then ablation special machine during breaks among periods.

You can choose tamper with computer or with another person. Because reticular play isn't supported, there's a good opportunity as though sparks start flying among field, than in real play ice - hockey. Think about that before invitation a friend of yours bovine leather for competition.

I like old games and their simplicity. Therefore I give hat trick much 4. I I trustthat the playability those games can be as great as up - to - date high - end graphic version EA NHL.

Operating controls: Numpad + zero to fired

play work on XP, but it is impossible to play to. You lose competition in less than a second. S DOSBOX you should lower DOSBOX cycles below 1000 get genuine rate of swelling "hat trick"

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Bally Sente


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