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You stillremember you comical of an old, no conspiracy, where simply did you wanted set high score? Well hammer Boy is play just like that.

Did you boy with hammer (I'm didn't put in would would never didn't guess as though one) and your imposition is to protected flag! Flag flies atop tower behind you and there differ enemy attempt at take off. Every attack will last 99 seconds (see counter in upper right corner) and then you will taken to the next level.

Enemy they will implore climb the into your base or else damage it (in level the, that needs drive away red man viny wooden fort and shooting burning arrows; alternative straight troll you to pirate ship; third take place in medieval castle; fourth in moon base; etc .). Now how do you advance, everything is given difficult, but so have you get more equipment. In moon base you already get into fire away lasers (at position to most pravénebo most left position).

Graphic art are handsome enough to, although animation is not as smooth how it could be. Boy isn't moving he simply will disappear for either placing and appear at next. Sound isn't nothing much, but it does work. Operating controls are either keyboard (I I preferthat the you recalibrate is and NOT don't use cursor keys), or joystick. You can choose graphics mode (there are CGA, EGA and VGA) and me high advisethat the you pick VGA graphic art.

Have a good time! Tons merry entertainment!

Play can be played right through Windows, but play rate of swelling in DOSBOX and in Windows isn't same. If you play at DOSBOX play runs quicker (doing that difficult). I'm not sure that is of correct rate of swelling (you can slow down DOSBOX also), so look at it this way, you can choose among slower (easier) play and quicker (more difficult) play.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Dinamic Multimedia


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