Wizardry III - Legacy of Llylgamyn
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Čarodějnictví III - dědictví Llylgamyn


roku je 1983. Co může společnost se dvěma slavný a milovaný tituly dělají


Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon Reviews

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Keep in mind good old days when they'd advertising some laserdisc plaies in magazines. Classic like Dragons Lair and space ace ... *sigh* I have always wanted play to is for graphic art be as whacking kresba - similar as though you think that were interactive film (in reality they sold them as interactive movies). But when I'm got Dragons Lair then I have to profess that there be but disillusion. Only thing action would you mind interplay press joystick buttons in good time.

If you looking at Guy Spy, you catch sight of as though almost it looks like Dragons Lair or space Ace. But now it is not your lady friend that is of flyaway.Bad Fascist ' von Max ' almost finished jeho - daily machine destructions these should kill human races. Only thing he is missing are some rare crystal. Max himself quite be busy so he sends his soldiers to finded you crystal. Have so many enemies about be down USA and they make up one's mind activate our hero Guy Spy skulk about planets and stops von Max end his bad plans.

Action begins in underground Berlin where some from bad fellows fire at barren of Guy who just want get his train. After killing them all Guy get into his train into Switzerland where he is taking funicular to get at mountain. Directly after young relish look Guy is given attacked again. This time it is enemy who fire away at him and throw dynamite. After all of these are manslaughterthat the you succeed to the next level .... etc ..

Graphic art are fantastic - and only vision plaies does you think as though it'll be surely evergreen! But playing play turns out to be torture. Operating controls are somehow lagged. ; sign moves how fluently how he be slow. You will need to restart by any mission several time to finish it because you goof up it again and again only thereforethat the our little hero does not make it, what do you do you love him do. A do themselves kindness and play without sound. Effects are OK but music will kill every last nerve even deaf in our midst.

I don't like personally this play too much even if I love appearances that. I thinkthat the advance designer would have had spend some next time in making operating controls dirigible and perhaps music more melodious. Graphic art at least will do so worth checking those games themselves.

So that is unfortunately only 2 from 5 point for this play.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: ReadySoft Incorporated


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