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Toto hra je druhá část theKrynn trilogie a vyšla rok po první části, tak neočekává smrt rytíře Krynn být moc odlišný od jeho předchůdce.


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It is continuation Innocenta into caught games with Jack T. Ladd how principal characteristic. It looks much like his ancestor of but it does bring any grande improvement. Biggest one bears new sign into games.

Play begin with Jackovým arrest. All of you who played first play probably ask who she could have perhaps succeed to catch seamy, improper and bad male chauvinist like Jack? Well only person able performing such imposition would must have been strong, stiff, lasting, attached, artful and fearless red feminist. Yes, it's true - WOMAN. Believe me, Jack be all the more surprised.

Bringing next sign into games (agent Ysanne Andropath) is what is he doing this adventurous play another. You can choose play to either either signs and you be put in of even adventure, but with entirely different riddles. They must at the same time do another jobs, but at the same time so have they have to cooperate, although they be on by other societies law. How you can guess, there'll much male- ženská rivalry related words, of course, no - about them offensive but much amusing place that.

You should probably choose to fondled Ysanne first so you you can teach / learn story at first hand. Evidently, after Jackově arrest, some unknown kind incursive foreigners push out se - create next dimension.

Unlucky for Ysanne, Jack succeed in get away from cell and sabotaged hyper - - pohon. From boats be low on fuel, they must alight on next to planet where discovers this new foreign menace. Ysanne will adjudicate withdraw from everything into her arms and buckler galaxy.

Although adventurous games with multiple characters wasn't non - event back than, they're yet rare and this play managed to joined two characters into of even adventure which act failing that all the same be connected on their way. For example, Ysanne have to find what is up on planet, while Jack had to sabotage drive and, later, find firing. Although they'll both need to help each other sometimes, you will not don't find no help to solve next beacon riddle if played with next. This play it's good valuable playing two - time.

Play individualize adventurous games that time (like Sierra games). You can do everything with mouse, right - click to changed action and left- clicks to exercised is (little standard action). Feature screens is for play, current placing with exits in lower- left the, action in lower- střední and inventory in lower- pravé parts screens. There are any more pixel virgates unfortunately, some headache riddle ( play isn't easy at all) and much conversation among Ysanne and Jack. Although story has Jack use his "charm" introduce oneself to nice to lady, main story troubles you at all, in reality, how do you proceed play, solve puzzle and following you two "unfold' relation. Conversation look than in previous play, with faces people, who interplay and lines to pick duologue from.

Concerning technical part games, that wasn't much at the time, when it appear in really. Graphic art are nicely pulled in same style like his ancestor of, nothing breath - taking and sound is average in best case. You can even say that the play is a little late with graphic art, but dithering that is of adventurous play where riddle be much more important then graphic art, most adventurous players will more'n like.

It's typical adventurous play with (again) atypical through the combination two signs in same adventure, average graphic art and sound. It's perhaps a little short, but with some much hard riddles. A final have to have for everyone adventurous fan.

Oh, and to be able to go round copy protection printing F8.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Divide by Zero


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