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Great Escape, The Reviews

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If you have seen film, and like it, than you probably you will have nice to fever with ' Great Escape '

I have seen and I'm it liked much, and find play funny addictive.Like most old military service DOS plaies, Great Escape ' has simple action which holds you, player, bent always. Did you English RAF pilot in WWII time, who be taken captive Germans after his aircraft rammed. Confined to Stalag Luft captive camp, your the point is to escaped camp in conjunction with your together - POW'S and make it back to England unhurt (although those second parts story is odd).

Size them as all adventurous games: much room and region, and you have to lift objects and solve puzzle with them to could escape. Riddle are everything much single - minded (lift shovel, use it, to dug escapist tunnel). So have you need to have had shrewd guess for sighting; escape; you must manage guards night routes patrols and blind person seats on retinae near tower guards.If you be found German ' goon where aren't projected to was, you while incommunicado or ' cooler. While in cooler lowers your metre morale, that is why your efficiency in finding sums you need to escaped. You have to make sure, whether did you explored for in stroke cry up names and at mess in process of time jídelnebo you may be mulcted.

To be able to win, you have to are used of the whole entries inventories to dug tunnel to fore - edge allied substances, than cut through barbed wire and decamp.

Graphic art: this play be published in the year 1988, so expects graphic art to anything special. They be good for time, but no much colours. Animation are intriguingly smooth and fast.

Sound: typical DOS size. Knock, beep, beeeeeeep!

Operating controls: much difficult to got used to, at least for me. To stroll around you use numeral stuffing, instead of cursor keys.You use space bar to ' fire away ' .

Together, I give this play allowance 4. Story and graphic art are satisfactory, but play rather briefed and as soon as did you sham probably you will not won't sham again. Operating controls are also a little disillusion. A thumbs up for animation!

Run on DOSBOX. On XP, that runs way too fast. I I prefer restraint CPU cycles using CTRL - F11.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Dentons


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