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A classical chess match needs no more then 2 colours (black and white) and even these are not so quite regarded as colours. Yet this play features full VGA graphic art which make it look really handsome. Shift pcs . is to make mouse, so you may not worry about writing correct placing piece.

Computer opponent of is very good (well depending frankly you set up for AI), but play is not at all easy. So it does constitute call appeal for.

You can also set position on deck, so you can analyze competition. Also you can buckler your matches or analyze is.

Of course you can choose play whites or bullseye shreds and you can even play against other people (unfortunately no online).

Basically this play offers you everything unyielding chess part would had. You can change even and resume playing another time or prints movements made. You you can ask PCs . to showed his reason certain movement, so you can even learn, how computer thinks. So in a way you can even supply from computer.

Together it be overwhelming games for all true lover shahs. Definitely must have!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Intracorp Entertainment


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