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Grand Prix Manager 2 Reviews

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Grand Prix manager 2 be done in year 1996, society named MicroProse, same guys who made set Grand Prix. I I must say, from games get along until today, perhaps 10 years later, I always I'm playing this play. Why? For I love it. Play is perfect, that has races, manager, merry entertainment and good play, music (you can hear sound motors working), much way to watch the race and you can act real teams since it runs in figure One. Name pilots are a little another because couldn't get their permission, but from games has editor before early in games, you can change is, and if you want, you can name teams and drivers who runs today inF1. Like I'm he said: perfect. I I must saythat the these play work only in Windows and in 256 colours mode, so after installation, go to the icon for games and set it up to 256 mode.

If you want to start play and win some works, you need to choose among Benettonem, McLaren, Williamsem or Ferrariem. If you pick some next team, expects too many of your team in the first year competition, and than in real figure One, that come short of, to unhired best drivers for your autos to won works, you need to find sponsors ( best sponsors only give you much when you can win works), train most effective crew (gadgetry, engineers, etc ...). So have you need to drove team revenue office, than in real life. F1 team can spend millions in a few months. Therefore, you need to find financial adviser, because in those play, management be but as important as technical improvement. When you run short of cash, you should think about loan from banks. This should be short - term measures only, because if you get large debt, you probably go bankrupt. Take care, if you take out loan on top of going one's, bank will heighten interest on all the money you use from them.

When you start play, you have you got several way to play to, like fast start of-or you can play to long - term contract or short - term contract. You have you got 5 sorts difficulty, like novice, dilettante, Semi - for or Ace.

To improve your team best way at the beginning, and you only have you got bad car, you will have to obtain technology from of other teams, for it is quicker and you spend less money than development. Nevertheless, car design second - hand teams are guarded, so first you have to findthat the to someone, who will pay for get it. If you will find out that the other team also have better components, you can either close with by team (purchase technology or stealing), but you can only make it one - shot behind race. It's life as though you finish design your new car chassis before the end of period. If you will not, will you have to start next year seasonal use this year's technology, which means you can expectthat the will see off your autos being- executed virtually every other by car on course.

When you are you trying to configure your car some course (all courses have had another config), automobile aerodynamics are most important, and you need to target the balance your autos. You can either set car to ran as fast as possible directly - or have more downforce, that innovates hold but reduces general rate of swelling. Try to find best level downforce for perimeter did you competition. In a few , like Hockenheim or watering - place, put max your autos to straight forward transfer rate, while on winding courses, like Monte Carlo, look for quicker cornering. Also check tire pressure and wing balance to avoidance of pilot problems.

Next much important role in no racing car is his motor. State - of - the - art F1 motors are venial and more firing- účinný than ever, and be capable of generation until 900 horses. Most teams have to buy their motors. Only if your team is one of the best can they offer best motors and this may be one of the biggest single costs team soever have to encounter. Super teams get massive technical support from supplier motors, in exchange for advertisement. Dember effect of that kind supports cannot end- exaggerated.

Principal aim in construction your autos is make it how strong and reliable as possible. Any /every /any breakdown of a part do you lost the race. Don't start from respects weight. Also, untidy 100% fuel storage reservoir capacities if you do you do some escape stop, and always implore set gear ratio how close - fitting as possible, especially for slower circuits. If next race will runs in circumference that include much hard braking, make sure, whether you balance brakes to the front of autos.

When you have you any reserve money, owning construction equipment is hall - mark peak F1 team. Benefit for arrangement are so much, and you improve parts your autos more cheaply.

Don't you will refrain much money with merchandising, but any money your team fulfilment, come in handy to. Also, if your team succeed, more money can be made from doodad licensing, and if all entries on shelfs are goods producing other people, who wants pay you for right to use your team name more? Of the whole team goods on the right be done and paid every, but on the other hand, they're very good way propagandizing team picture and assisting draw more society sponsorship.

Today, figure One competition be too of competition and flourishing trade. Every team invests much money in research and automobile technology be in good health- guarded secret. It is important, thenthat the you hire best security group you can pay. Low safeness can mean information on your car design, and even some specific components, being made available to next teams stealing that. Good security circulation will also be able help you with some /every /no questions, that you did you make about your rivals.

To end: like I'm he said, try this play. It's 5 star play, and you will love to saw works, drive F1 team, that is all perfect. This play healthy runs in Windows.

Circuits obtainable in those play are:

Interlagos - 71 Laps Buenos Aires - 72 Laps San Marino Grand Prix - 63 Laps Catalunya - 65 Laps Monaco Grand Prix - 78 Laps Montreal - 69 Laps Magny - Cours - 72 Laps Silverstone - 61 Laps Hockenheim - 45 Laps Spa - Francorchamps - 44 Laps Monza - 53 Laps Estoril - 71 Laps Nurburgring - 67 Laps Aida - 83 Laps Suzuka - 53 wheels Melbourne - 58 wheels Hungaroring - 77 wheels Adelaide - 81 wheels Jerez - 69 wheels Kyalami - 72 wheels

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Edward Grabowski Communications Ltd.


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