Formula 1 Grand Prix
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MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix je stará Grand Prix závodění simulace založený na drahách použitých v roce 1991.

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Goonies, The Reviews

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Does somebody keep in mind albatrosses?I won't say that were mine favourite 80s film, but I liked it nevertheless.

Well, here's play based on that film. In reality it is MSX play which Friends software converted for DOS.

It's handsome run'n'jump platfromer where you control small sign which go to the underground cave to could find profitable piratic treasure hidden there (if you keep in mind film, you know of it).

Unfortunately this play non includes no riddle from film was treasure search search where you have to solve puzzle adventurous play would be much more fit (to my mind), but alas, this is not what is up.

Yet you have to run about collective things to could use be later.

Graphic art are handsome enough to, but I really pass characters film. They only are not here. Strains are basic, but she'll get as though half - eightieth ages playing feels alive. Operating controls are very simple, because you can run, jump, climb the... that is all transcendental and you automatically lift and unlock material. Only button which could mix up you only a little they will ESC. Surely, you would printedthat it%%= get out play, but it in reality set up supply cathode - raytube and you can buckler and load games as well as desert.

So continue by and have several in afternoon simple and straight forward merry entertainment playing. I harangue play will have at least some appeal, although it is not what I'd called classic. It's yet nice to sham.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Konami Corporation


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