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To je znovu-vydání herního PARAGON z 1991. Mimo pár titulních obrazovek, hry jsou identické: stejné úrovně, grafika a hra. Nic změnil ani


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Even if Sierra made gold fever back in 1988, that is yet classic really I wish, to they'd they could do continuation. Action is freshly and interesting and feel monkey island in Old West or even older version Sierrské later western games, Freddy Pharkas.

Story follows accident damage cities formative plane named Jerrod Wilson. A journalist for Brooklynské paper, Jerrodův principal aim in life is to go up California and find his long - lost brother that were accused of a crime he no - didn't suffer . Jerrod also hopesthat the will find gold, becomes wealthy, and seat with lady his dream. It is up to you help Jerrodovi execute his object. He'll face by many danger in Old West, so always your fingers to could buckler him from danger. Play includes three another roads, but you will have to find is for himself as I do I don't want go wrong games to you.

Play play be like each other like everything Sierrských adventurous plaies time. Instances include space search, plukovníkýv legacy, and search for Glory. Use key to arrow move sign about;write ' get into get, contemplation to watched, etc; and use TAB to submitted inventory. But take care, because like much Sierra plaies there are many way to die. I advisethat the you safeguard against do a thing, so you get into see by any merry deathward scene. They quite be worth following.

Riddle are complex and difficult, but I have always found outthat it%%= was prime Sierrských plaies. Music and sound in play be good enough and give that authentic sensation wild west.

I highly advise this play to to those, who have like to Sierrské games or some from old adventurous plaies.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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