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When play be called gods, directly you think as though this play had to be done Peter Molyneux and his garrisoned. This man made so much good plaies where did you played god; sometimes people thinkthat the he is god himself. He just want show world at be somebody like he - always lonely but operating all that lives in the world. A dream for us, but nightmare to those, who really are...

But back to reality, gods isn't play from Peter Molyneux, that be but sound financial situation platform play where you plays the hero with foreign mask on his face.

Throughout play there be no action so I find it obscure why do they chose to called play gods. It would be more logical if they called the play " man iron mask". But enough to nonsense for the present, let's go withdraw from good view of play.

First impression of graphic designer are astonishing! General appearance games are gorgeous, character animation is excellent and graphic art will stay on whacking through play. Every big rung (4 in the aggregate) has it's own unique sensation and signs engaged thereinto. Only small point critique is as though our hero moves like duck. He no runs in due form and when he jumps, it looks as if he is in weighing charge need taking statement.

Sound in play is also very good. Every action, like selection something up, coin fall down upon podlazenebo shooting enemy down, will put out by its own unique sound. This gives of the whole play extra cordiality, how do you fight in world which real life and you can believe your ears when you hears something approaching.

Most important thing all plaies is yet: Play. In gods, that do they really different and combines another style into 1 games. Most of the time it is real action play; you must simply kill much enemy en route to ends levels of. But it is not action all the way! Sometimes you will need to find clue and buttons to open up to other rungs. There are a few also riddles in play, where you need to joined things to got genuine keys. This is not very difficult, but it holds you sharp all the time and do you do play different.

Gods have - not buckler options in play, so when you start worldthat the you need to finished it. This is not as difficult how so sounds, but can be really frustrating for the first player. I thinkthat the buckler option would had was implemented after every world. People they may get enough to mad with when they in the end make it into straight boss in (which filling - up whole cathode - raytube and looks horrible) only die during seconds and have to replay whole rung later. But do not let it frighten you too much. Play isn't overburdensome (only 1 difficult level), so with piece practice and patience, you will be able end levels of under command of shorter time than when initially did you started.

When I'm decided to give gods evaluation I only continue to be think of POPA (price Persia - Sands time). It play look very good, that had nice to strains namely was generally handsome basis mean deed. But just like gods, POP also missed something special. (Notice that in both peas cannot pick your level problems)

in the end, I'm decided to give play 4 because I thinkthat it%%= missed special identity needed, to become real classic. Nevertheless, that yet extremely come in handy to play and any action/platform field would have had sham! Concerning player who will never didn't play to POP, go trial gods and sees if you like these sorts plaies.

First start of installs.exe and cheque if authoritative setting are ok, and then run game using gods.exe practicable!

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Bitmap Brothers, The


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