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There je legenda indické hlavní dcery který byla zamilován do evropského obyvatele kolonie v Severní Americe. Já věřím vy budete všechno


God of Thunder Reviews

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God thunder is computer game which be published in the year 1993 society named software Creations. Due to lack financing, will never unincorporated it be much chance in shareware market so, that stayed much rare.

Did you Thor, God thunder and son Odina, ruler Asgarda. Every few century, Odin have to lapse into Odinsleep rejuvenate his much. Loki, God Mischief and your bad stepbrother usurped possibilities latest Odinsleep control Midgard. You must use your hammer to defeated Lokia and free Midgard. Play is divided by three part and at the end every parts, you must knock down bad boss sign to undid villagers of his hardship.

Graphic art look in good order, but might be better. They've kind sensation drawings them. You can choose among no sound, PC speaker of and digitized sound. Adlib music can be button - down or except.

God thunder is globally merry making and much pleasant play which looks at Norse gods from next aspects. Obtainable in extras here are also play handbook and hintbook, hintbook gives solving of all riddles in play. If you like games which do you think, you should not pass this play.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Adept Software


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