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Franko a Alex obcházel blok jako obyčejně, a jako obyčejně, oni otrávili se. Stejná stavení všude kolem, stejný čelí bez úsměvu, jen dalš


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Gladiator is strategic action play set in medieval times. From down from top look, you control single character all of a sudden from your armies mercenary troops. Two Allies accompany you at the beginning for the first little maps, but you will need to hired soldiers and train is to make mercenary group strong enough to, to completed mission in front.

There are three levels of problems: Skirmish, conflict, and killing. This play do they really stiff to played effectively. On Battle difficulty, that be easy to lose period or two in every fight (hire much clericals!). Skirmish will do your life easier, but be able to dothat the look like pall. Gratefully, there are scission- visual multiplayer modes which allow you to upraise to rub friends with you. Their reinforcing can be immeasurable and do play much, much more interesting and merry entertainment. You can also pick to militate against your friend how enemy in PvP mode.

Graphic art is simplest- based art tile and includes some palette- přesun for effect. Repeated scenery is unavoidable from tile - set be too small. This play was made with editor scenarios in view, so that is what you should expect. You can create your own map with packaged map editor as well as your own mini- mapy to agreed with them, but you cannot soever want to because inbuilt scenarios be about as good how it gets if you won't you want to compile-of the whole election foryour friends. S by any inbuilt conflict, you get small entrance diary that accounts for current mission in context your roads. Most of the time these be of interest reading, but in the end they happen poisonous to other printing escapist keys.

Gladiator really September at that, what do you can do with your soldiers and expectations new level- ups. 14 classes can choose from are: Shoulder- charging soldier, -shovelling barbarian cobble, wood- chodící sprite, fast and promotive Archer, teleporting magician, -office work marvel of, -shovelling thief stiletto, tree- fond Druid, debris- fond killer whale, mrtvý - je frame, fiery elemental,kudzu - similar slime, slow faery, spirit lament, and latent demand class, manna- surging Archmage. Soldiers can be coached to raised their power, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, cavalry, and level. Experience is gained when sign beats friend, but you pull out possibility of retortion clod money to will topple over is to the next level. Your characters obtain new capabilities with highers levels (depending on character class) and some hidden effect result also with highers levels (like bigger damage). Most special aptitude be truly a unique and are merry making to tamper with.

On the whole, gladiator is comical play to tamper with friends or fun when you want to run around with take- znakem on low - level map. Friends definitely added to experience, so no more squanders sometimes! Go for friends!

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Forgotten Sages


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