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Ghostbusters II Reviews

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I be truly a enjoyed reviewing those games since, what I is big Ghostbusters fan - whose you can also recognize mine avatar in forum ; ).

There be in fact two games with accurate same title; perhapsthat the would could call this secret option. Even most Ghostbusters fans have - not no image this soever subsisted and that is really hard to find, so I thinkthat it%%= is valuable appendage to place!

Play implore follow film, and action walks roughly this way:Five year after our heros spared world from inbreak of an old Mesopotamian deity Gozer, (and blew up 30 stories high okra man), bottoms up - -lady friend one of - ův Busters is replacement home with her child. But wheel child- vozidla is given dip in some rosy slime namely start alone. Dana ( girl) make up one's mind appeal to her boyfriend, Ghostbuster, find out, what happened to, whereupon they make up one's mind dig gigantic hole halfway. What are they discovers is subsoil river slime, but at the same time they knock out electricity in all of Manhattanské areas... and are defendant town.

And that is where this play lifts. First you must smash up two Scallarry brothers, who want to withdraw from their revenge on judiciary which give them chair. Succeed or no you lapse to Ghostbusters office. Here there are a few thing, that be to make. Than in real classical Ghostbusters (for C64) from 1984 money IS business. You begin with $10.000 debt. To make money you must answer the phone a... (astonishment, astonishment) will smash up echo. You must also collect some slime and prove it, because this slime really suits. If you have seen film don't you know as though it is dobrý - slime moods namely gives Statue of Liberty mock- upstart- and - go because it ( slime - no statue) really loves Jackiin: (your lifting loves me) higher and higher!

But be carefully ! If you cannot smash up spirit or get confined to riverine slime, you end up in funny farm, and the rest team will have to flunk you (this part games do they really most original, for it is quite different from film)!

So, you can stop Scorge Karpathia, grief Moldavia - Lorda VIGO?!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Dynamix


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