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Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf Reviews

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Genghis Khan 2 is in many ways upgrade prequel. It features better graphic, better music, and much better combat system. It features also mouse- verification.

Story be like each other than in first play; how temujin you must fight out of the whole mongol tribes, and start your search for world's government. You will have to always balance your military capability with growth and working by force your people, but you are not already alone. ; guidance counsellor gives you uninterrupted response from battlefields, and he will also be deal order on your behalf if you refuse make it themselves.

Biggest difference between the two Genghisem Khanem plaies (except graphic designer) is combat continuity. As with first games, you will move your soldiers on tile - maps over battlefield, but when you enlist friend new window will appear. This window shows to everyone soldier and current terrain, giving you possibility of using strategy more spelling mistakes. Charge through enemy lines with your mongol horses- jezdci, while your archer continue rainy darts down upon enemy from your stern lines.

As with every KOEI games with respect for himself, play features inspired multiplayer option as far as 4 player, and much by other scripts.

Technical remark: Perhapsthat the would could experience that the mouse disappears from time to time, but all instructions they may just as readily get with cursors- klíči and come in.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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