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Gene Machine, The Reviews

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Story: 5/5

it is 19. century, and did you Piers Featherstonehaugh, most unknown famous adventurer English empire. You be but to return from mission in America, and now be back for some well well-earned rest, but alas! vocal cat trenchs. More mixed up realitythat the cat cannot pronounce your name well, then factthat the he speaksthat the you hear listen his story. It seems bad doctoral Dinsey (what name) fecit machine which combines two creatures, and transforms is to a man! A even worse, he plans use machine to create army monsters take over world.

So Piers gardens out stop hereof bad doctor, be on the ball how Piers, this have to be too snap. I mean after only 15 minutes games, I I am done for ENIAC soever build. I'm cheered J.T. Shredder into do a thing about sinners in London, and I'm ridiculed fact my own doctor they will bad mind. That would it could barren of Dr. Jekyll have to hello(y)de at all events?

Yes, our Piers be about as clever how back cow, and has fare like charm as that. But it does taking him from being snobbish, not a hang! A herewith madman you have to buckler world, zounds.

Play: 3/5

play isn't as though big, and in reality rather simple. it works completely point and click system, and cursor tell you, whenthat the did you hover over something important. Besides, entries that can be taken or used really secede from backcloth. So I question some /every /no hard adventuring fan they will have a rocky time cracking hereof nut.Graphic art: 5/5

play has characters drawings, wich give that dateless look. divers they may hate it but I'm was found it to my taste. backcloth are perfect for play, and really well be in tune with story.

Sound: 2/5

If you trust in cool sound effects, trouble, sound isn't as though whacking in those play music isn't whacking also, that be like each other again and again. It be in fact everything, what I'm infer about it.

Globally: 4/5I would appraised this play 3, his handsome, but has its shady pages. Nevertheless Piers ignorant stupid thing, at confident he isn't nothing short from genius, pulled it directly back to 4. If you like deadpan humor, do you want play to simple but comical adventure, go draw down it. If did you type men which finished Mysta in a few hours, this probarly habit be much challenges, but as though does will do dialouge less amusing though.

Runs nicely in Dos - boxing, if you screw out stuff cycles. Runs even better in win XP, but you habit have any sound. on the other side, you habit be missing much also. Perhapsthat the would were to be some problems becomes your play spared in XP though, that works good in Dos - boxing.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Divide by Zero


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